The City Impact has one sole purpose, to be a light and help make an impact in each city it has the honor in serving.  

​We believe in the power that exists when community members come together and how that connectedness enables transformation to take shape!  Change takes shape through genuine connections and community participation and we are here to help channel those together.

Together, we become powerful change agents for good.





Our organization believes focus and intentionality is essential for how effective we can be.  That is why, when it comes to our focus areas and efforts, you will see that they are limited.  There are seasons in which our focus change, however at one given time we typically focus within 1-2 areas.

We have come to find that when we focus on serving Youth Development and Single Parent Homes, we end up impacting the many other challenges that corrode our communities. 

Youth Development & Mentorship

Single Parents


Give today by checking out our good friends at The City Coffeehouse​

Not only will they serve you up an amazing cup of coffee + other delicious treats, but every purchase with them help make an impact in our city! 


Our cool friends at The City Coffeehouse have committed to give 10% of every purchase to The City Impact, so that together we can support and serve our neighbors.

Are you wanting to do more?  Awesome thank you!

You can donate directly to helping those in within our community by donating below.

*** Every gift given is tax deductible ***


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